Wood plastic composite deck

WPC lag

WPC Decorative perimeter

WPC using


Flower-beds for the garden

Garden furniture

Facades for buildings


Walking roads



This material can be used for terrace, veranda and arbour floors, berths and decks. WPC is used also in building of grounds next to pools, children playgrounds, garden paths and bridges. It is perfect for application in all places where strong, waterproof, safe and environmentally friendly material is needed. Lately, new, interesting terrace plank application possibilities have appeared: furniture for the garden, flower and sand boxes, convertible ceiling, paths around the artificial reservoirs, in building facades and fences. This material can be used everywhere where the natural wood doesn’t live long (aggressive environment).

Length of service: lifespan of WPC covering can be compared with 50 years. It is not affected by rotting, corrosion, bacteria, fungus and insects due to the added ingredients that stabilize the protection of terrace planks. Humidity durability (in aggressive environment) WPC materials are resistant to salt water and chlorinated water (swimming-pools – bubble baths). Wood-polymer covering is stable against all weather conditions. It will have no problems to endure the spring transitional period when the temperature changes from -10 to +5 and back during the twenty-four hours. Terrace covering will keep its dimensions at any temperature fluctuations. Coverings of composite materials can be used also as a pavement on street. So it is very important that WPC is frost and wear-resistant.

Maintenance and care

WPC needs no treatment and restoration with colours, oils, antiseptics and varnishes, during the maintenance it is easy to take care for: the deck must be periodically rinsed with a squirt of water, if necessary you can use also the usual household detergents (except, the one containing acid).

Anti-slip effect

Production technologies of terrace planks includes extrusion and polishing processes. In summer, autumn, winter and spring the WPC produced planks will not slip even if wet due to the corrugated surface!

Assembly rate

WPC assembly rate has become much faster than with the natural wood because it is not necessary to bore and saw the material because it is cut in the needed dimensions in the factory.

Completing parts

Lag; start fastening; PVC connective fastening; metal start fastening; decorative wpc ledge; decorative aluminium ledge (painted); plank;

WPC perimetr
closes the end of the board

Aluminum corner - can be painted to match color of the board

Пластиковые клипсы в цвет доски

PVC height correctors
amplitude 30/50; 50/90; 90/140; 140/190mm

Europe delivery

Professional installation

Any length of the board up to 8 meters

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